Professional simultaneous interpreters

Business speaks many languages. As today’s marketplace becomes more complex and world wide, businesses are noticing that it is also becoming increasingly difficult to survive without an adequate relation with customers who speak different languages. Our conference interpreting services will help you navigate this ever more multi-lingual market.

Get qualified and experienced interpreters

When organizing a conference and having a need for English and Spanish interpreters, CA Translation Services is your best option. Conference Interpreting requires qualified and specially capable individuals. CA Translation Services has provided specialized conference interpreting services to many local and international organizations for their most important events and more importantly, with complete success.

CA Translation Services works only with the most capable interpreters.

The service you need

Conference interpreting requires live, in the moment response, a deep understanding of the subject being discussed as well as an understanding of the speaker’s true intention. In some cases, in conference interpreting the interpreter has to adapt to each change in the scenario and be able to interpret not only the main subject, but an array of expressions, idioms, jokes and speech styles which demand profound knowledge of the culture and the languages being spoken.

Contact Us! We can help you determine the best option for you conference and/or event. Our project managers will work with you to determine your needs and provide you with the best solution available at the right price.