Legal and business translations

CA Translation Services is specialized in English to Spanish translations. Its important to know that translating from a language is different than translating into a language, the knowledge, skills and experience required are different. Our translators are chosen and screened as specialists in different fields, such as Legal, Business, Marketing or Medical.

Fast, accurate and reliable, our professional English to Spanish translation specialists at CA Translation Services are prepared to handle the full range of documents, from the personal to the professional to the legal. We have experience handling a wide range of documents such as:

  • + Personal letters
  • + Marriage, birth and death certificates
  • + Immigration documents
  • + Business Documents (contracts, manuals, agreements, brochures, etc.)
  • + Court decisions
  • + Divorce settlements
  • + Wills
  • + Diplomas, degrees, course transcripts
  • + Business letters
  • + Contracts
  • + Marketing/advertising materials

Every translation is produced from the same translator to ensure consistency throughout the whole document and then proofread to verify any mistakes and errors before being delivered to you. For larger English to Spanish translation projects, we can include more members of our team to speed up delivery and the proofreading is always done to ensure the consistency of the translations.

Just Contact us for a complimentary, confidential and non-committal quote. An estimate and time line will be provided. Your confidentiality is assured.