Professional marketing translation

Developing a brand is hard work. It requires constant effort and a very careful planning. For your marketing translation needs, it is best to choose experts who specialize in this field. CA Translation Services specializes in marketing translation and the English and Spanish language pairs.

Why is marketing translation a specialty?

translation services in GuelphIn marketing, the writing is more than just an explanation of concepts; it requires the copy to have a specific range of effects on the audience and potential customers. When developing your marketing materials, it was necessary to study the target audience by analyzing the demographics and the cultural background. When translating the same marketing material, most of the times its necessary to do a mild rewrite in order to maintain the main idea and the intended effect in a completely different culture. It is imperative that the translator understands not only about marketing, but also the culture and style of the particular target.

Only experienced marketing translation experts

CA Translation Services has an experienced group of marketing translation professionals. Our translators have a keen grasp of marketing concepts, an acute marketing sense and excellent language and cultural knowledge. We specifically select the most qualified translators for each project, which means we preferably choose translators who have lived, understand or come from the desired target audience

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